Ashley, CandaBeth, CanadaJanet, Connecticut USA
  • Not only did Dr. Carmona continuously make sure I was comfortable but he ensured me that the results would be amazing. It was super scary coming from Canada to a foreign country and most could agree, though this experience was everything but scary. My procedure went very well and I cannot explain to you how happy I am.

    Ashley, Canda
  • Was amazing, So beyond pleased... the day after the surgery i was up and walking on the beach... a bit sore but nothing i couldnt handle.. I am not 3 days after the surgery and i am feeling great!:) I am happy with how smart and passionate he is about his work

    Beth, Canada
  • Dr. Carmona was able to sculpt my arms, not interfering with my muscle, and shape them to look long and smooth. I no longer wear a size large shirt or hide in a baggy sweater! I wear a size small top now !

    Janet, Connecticut USA

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Cancun — The Transformation Destination

Spend an enjoyable week in luxurious accommodations — emerging as a transformed, energetic masterpiece. Discover the vibrant heart of Mexico within the center of this multicultural city — an urban oasis of comfort and calm. Invigorate your stay with a city tour, or uncover a treasure at a local museum. Indulge in the masterfully crafted cuisine and unleash your inner desires in Cancun.




Liposuction Cancun offers state-of-the-art, modernized technology to eliminate excess fat in areas of your body safely giving you the sexy, shaped body you’ve always desired.

Traveling to Cancun allows you to utilize the most cutting-edge technologies to succeed in the smoothest and most natural-looking results with minimal post-op recovery. With dedicated plastic surgeons and an increasing surge in this astonishing liposuction hotspot, Cancun is one of the most popular destinations for liposuction in Mexico.

Plastic surgery clinics in Cancun offer an extensive array of liposuction packages to meet your needs — affordable and modern packages tailored to your individual desires.